Friday, 29 March 2013

Monument of Dimcho Bebelyanov - Bulgarian poet

On March 28 we celebrate 126 years since the birth of Dimcho Debelyanov - Bulgarian lyricist poet. The school "Dimcho Debelyanov" in the small and beautiful Bulgarian town Belene situated at the Danube river has been ordered the monument.  
The official event photos can be found at FB of the school.
We present you unofficial part:
Everything is ready:
Installation step-by-step:

Our team + two informal assistants. Wе send special thanks to Maxim and Petko who are make our time enjoyable:
 Ready to be celebrated:

Monday, 31 December 2012

In The New Year

Be healthy, striving, creative, laughing, inspired, willing, doing, happy, winning, knowledgeable, receiving, giving, forgiving, in-itself-believers.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Garden Pots

In the yard, in the park or the front of building, a pot of flowers will always result in at least one smile or positive thought.

Why not fill the fountain with flowers?

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The fountains and their summer grace

July this yea is sultry. Let cool our souls with some lovely pictures of the fountains.

Trevi Fountain - connects thre streets (tre vie) in the center of Rome, where he received his name

Another fountain in Rome  - The Ugly Boat (La Barcaccia)

Villa d'Este - Cultural Heritage

Villa d'Este Fountain - UNESCO Cultural Heritage

And Two Fountains in Plovdiv

Friday, 15 June 2012

Bust-monument of Dimcho Debelyanov - an amazing Bulgarian lyricist

These days the Stones Rumo began work on a special order - making a bust of the amazing Bulgarian poet Dimcho Debelyanov. Implementation and outcome, we will be able to tell is not long after, in one of the summer months.
Now comes a few sentences Bulgarian history. Very tight - a fresh breath of the soul.

Debelyanov was born in Koprivshtitsa (March 28, 1887) with little name Dincho. Later he lived and studied in Plovdiv and Sofia. His life is very demanding and accompanied by many hardships. Somewhere around his 19th year (when I was in Sofia), began to appear in his works a number of literary journals. Infinitely talented Debelyanov remains rated and is not an option in life, to find a worthy place in the Bulgarian literature.

He died on September 30, 1916, as captain - in the battle against the British during WWI. He was buried in the yard of the Bulgarian church in Demir Hisar (Valovitsa, modern Greece), and later, his bones were brought home in Koprivshtitsa (his death remains shrouded in secrecy, arguing that Dimcho is sacrificed, but by whom and why the story, for now, does not disclose).

Name Dimcho Debelyanov bear:
sea ​​cape of northwestern side of the island, Robert, Antarctica (the name "Cape Debelyanov" officially delivered on August 12, 2008);
Many schools in our country - in Belene, Blagoevgrad, Varna, Samokov, Ihtiman, Sofia and others.

And this spring in the courtyard of the museum Dimcho Debelyanov Koprivshtitsa were planted a few trees - cherries, has become a tradition over the past few years.

With over ...