Saturday, 9 April 2016

Comming soon

This summer we went on countertops (kitchen, for tables, fountains) and window sills. We decided to enrich the range of granite in stock. Soon we expect 2 cm slabs of one of the most sought after types of granite. Introducing:

G654 granite
Deep and beautiful color. Similar to the night sky. The cheaper alternative of black granite. Dark gray granite is known as granite Impala, Sesame Granite from Padang, cranberry granite and more bizarre and almost fabulous names. Equally is diverse and its use - by cladding of buildings, paving, monuments to the bathroom tiles and kitchen countertops.

G664 granite
With color "coffee" or also known as "pearl moon" granite. One of the most common Chinese granite, widely used for interior design.

G687 granite
This is so-called "Peach red granite". It has a pleasant warm color. Cheap and with good quality granite.

White wave granite
With an interesting pattern in neutral tones. Also exclusively used for window sills, lining the stairs, countertops tables, countertops, etc., etc.

We work only with Class A materials or this is the highest quality that can be offered on the market.

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