Saturday, 25 February 2012

Time for a legend

Photografy of the skulpture: model S-01

I'll tell you a legend. For Pegasus. Why to him? Well, why not. He was insanely beautiful, white and fly around. Pegasus Helicon lived in the woods. This same forest where Zeus reigned and where the Muses lived. Narcissus remember him? The spring, which is mirrored also been Helicon.Still, the story was about Pegasus. Its name means well, because according to legend, where stamped with hoof fountain with clean water.
Poseidon, god of the sea, fell in love with Medusa - guardian of thetemple of Athens. Once Poseidon seduced Medusa inside the temple of Athens as she realized very angry and cursed Medusa to live alone on the island of the Gorgons. Turned it into a horrible monster with snakes instead  hair and terribly face. And anyone wholo oked at her face turned into stone.
When Zeus son Perseus killed Medusa Gorgon,  Pegasus out of the Medusa blood. He flew to Helicon where the nine muses cared for him.
Years later, Athens found Pegasus and gave him to Belerofon. Along with the horse gave him a golden bridle that can tame him. The two were inseparable friends. With Pegasus, Belerofon defeated thetriple-headed monster, Chimera. Belerofon puffed up by theirsuccess and decided that must reach the abode of the gods - Mount Olympus. But Zeus punished for his arrogance Belerofon andseparated by Pegasus. Pegasus became favorite horse of Zeus.
Pegasus became friends with Perseus. If you have forgotten, this was the son of Zeus. Once, while riding over the Mediterranean Sea, they saw a beautiful maiden chained to a rock, and country of snake is cooked to eat. The girl was called Andromeda, the daughter of Ethiopian Queen. To protect Ethiopia, the Queen conferred inJanuary offering to the sea queen. Perseus rescuedAndromeda and soon the two were married.
Athens gave to  Pegasus Gold bridle to be able to fight evil. Later took him to Jupiter, where Pegasus pulled the chariot.
Goddess of the dawn, Aurora, also sometimes rode Pegasus in order to be able to shift the onset of night to day.
Pegasus was loved by the gods. As a reward for faithful service Zeuscreated a constellation of the winged horse in the ninth heaven on earth.

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